Everything is a FlusterCluck
My Mind
My Life
The Kids
The House
My husband
So, Welcome to it.

My name is Cortney, and I have created this blog to inspire, empower, teach, and enlighten people. Ok, so I just made all of that up. I created this blog to let people in on our busy, hectic, flustercluck way of life. I DO hope to inspire and empower people, and I hope to find others, just like me. I am going to bring you all into our home and shenanigans. I will give you tips, tricks, advice, and inspiration I find along the way, with a healthy dose of sarcasm and inappropriate humor. It is the beginning of a new year for me, and I have decided that I wanted to chill out on my cursing, so I do apologize in advance for my excessive use of: Cluck, Fluffing, shart, and other curse word alternatives.

Please, come join us!