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This blog is for the rural mama.

Rural, country mamas do it differently. We tend animals, gardens, build things with our hands, all while raising babies and husbands.

We are a different breed.

We are hard working, hard loving, and hard headed.

We don’t want to get advise women who prance around in Gucci heels while the nanny takes care of their kids.

Naw, we are the women showing up to the mom group baby wearing with shit on our boots.

Guys I started this blog because there is such a need for a place where moms like me can feel comfortable. I know you are out there!

I don’t know about you, but I can’t relate to most of these mom bloggers out there with their million dollar homes and five figure salaries.

On this blog you will find information on parenting, money saving, gardening, building projects and more! Hence, why it is called Flustercluck.

Everything is a FlusterCluck
My Mind
My Life
The Kids
The House
My husband

So please, come join us!

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