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Raising children has its ups and downs. Its highs, and lows. Some days are so hard, you don’t know how you will ever get through. But mama, it is worth it.

9 months of back pain, sickness, doctors appointments, swollen ankles
But it is worth it, for the first time you feel the butterflies, the kicks, the hiccups.

8 Hours of labor, an epidural, being poked and prodded
But it is worth it, for the first time you see their little face, for the first cry, and their first breath

6 Weeks of recovery
But it is worth it, just to see that little miracle you brought into this world, that looks like you. To count little fingers and toes. To snuggle them and smell that sweet baby smell.

6 months of up all night
But it is worth it, because all they want is you. They want to see your face and feel your warmth. No one will love you more.

1 Year of bottles
But it is worth it. That little face looking at you while you are giving them their bottle. This is one on one time. This is your time to hold them and admire them and comfort them.

2 Years of Diapers
But it is worth it. One day, all too soon, they will be independent, and you will miss the little bit of time you had to hold them down and change their diaper.

3 years baby-proofing
But it is worth it. They depend on you. They learn from you. You keep them safe, and they know it. They will always feel safe with you.

5 years of Tantrums
But it is worth it. They are learning to control themselves, and you are their safe space. They can be themselves with you. They can let it all out. There is no one else that they feel this with.

12 years of School
But it is worth it. To see their first day of Kindergarten, and their last day of Senior year. All of the parent teacher conferences, the plays, the award ceremonies, the sports and homework…It is all worth it to see them learn, and grow, and turn into their own person, with their own personality.

18 years
18 years of food. Of clothing. Of questions. Of arguments. Of running.
But it is worth it. They will grow into a wonderful, responsible, caring person. All because of you.

They may leave your belly, your bed, and one day your home, but they will forever have your heart.