Gravy is something that I think scares most people. It definitely scared me, until I figured it out. The flour, the water. You think its mixed good. You don’t see any flour, and then you end up with little flour chunks that jump up and smack you in the face. Been there. Done that. And then I figured it out.

What you will need:

1lb breakfast sausage (I use Bob Evans mild)
1 Cup milk
Salt and pepper to taste

Step 1: Fry the Sausage

Step 2: DON’T DRAIN!

We are going to spoon flour onto the sausage. Add a few spoon fulls of flour, and then mix it. Keep adding, and mixing until all of the grease is dryed up, or until the mixture looks dry.

Step 3: Add water and milk

Add 1 cup of water, and 1 cup of milk.
At this point, you can add salt and pepper to taste
Keep your burner on high
Mix until everything is all blended well.

Step 3: Keep Stirring

Continue stirring until the mixture is thick. It will start getting kind of clumpy, too thick.
At this point, add in another cup and a half of water.
This will thin your gravy back out.

Step 4: Stir some more

Keep stirring until your gravy is as thick as you like it

Congratulations! You just made gravy!

Tried this? Let me know what you think!