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Fried And True Places For Freebies

Like free stuff? Free money? Who doesn’t like some free crap? Here, I am going to tell you about a few of my favorite sites to score Freebies. Free samples, and money! These are all my tried and true sites. No gimics, no scams. PLUS, my new facebook group is live! Come join for updates on all of the newest freebies, and more.

Free Money

Who couldn’t use a few extra bucks every now and then, without having to prostitute or sell your soul. Here are a few companies that I have personally used to make some extra cash.

Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research-This is a survey company that pays you to take surveys. This has always been one of my favorite survey companies. Their pay out per survey is significantly higher than most (I have made anywhere from $2-$10 per survey) Their cash out minimum is $10 through giftcards, or Paypal. A bonus with this one, from time to time, after completing a survey, you may be selected to participate in a research study. They will send you something to try out, and all you have to do is take a survey afterwards. I received a box of baby diapers, coupons for free food, and makeup.

Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars– This is another survey company, plus more. You can take surveys, watch videos, play games, read emails, and more. The video part is actually pretty cool. I turn on the videos and let them play while I am working. Easy way to make quick money.


Swagbucks– With Swagbucks you can watch videos, shop and earn, do surveys, and play games to earn points. Points turn into gift cards, paypal cash, and money to donate to your favorite charity.


MySurvey– Is a survey site where you get paid to do surveys. Most of them actually pay a few dollars each, if you get selected to take them. You take a quick pre-qualification survey first, and if you are not selected to take the real survey, you get points that add up to money. I have also scored quite a few product tests from this company. When I was doing their surveys every day, I was making around $20 a week from them. That was probably about 2-3 surveys a day.

Free Stuff!!!!

Free Sample From Pinchme

As much as I love making money from surveys, my favorite thing to do is to get free crap! And I have received ALLOT of that. Here are all of the spots that I have personally received free things from.


BzzAgent– Unfortunetly it looks like Bzzagent has just went through some updates, and is no longer accepting new members. I will be watching for when they are again. Bzzagent sends you free things to try in exchange for product reviews. They always had THE BEST stuff. I got full boxes of Kroger beauty, and food, coupons to get free food products etc. I have also saw where people were getting brand new shoes!


Viewpoints-Viewpoints sends you an email every time they have a product for you to try and review. The survey gets a little repetitive, but they have some amazing products. I have saw opportunities for vacuums, leaf blowers, trampolines and more. Take the initial survey they send you in your email, if they send you a second it will be to confirm your address. If you receive a third email from them for that product, they are sending it to you. You don’t receive each product you apply for, and there is no way of knowing if you are getting it or not, until you receive the third email from them. Be patient with this one, it is worth it.

Facebook Pages

Facebook pages: Just like these Facebook pages, and watch your news-feed for their posts

Julie’s Freebies
Freebie Shark
Free Samples Network


Pinchme-A monthly free sample box. Watch their Facebook page to know when the next samples will be released. Noon that day, log into your Pinchme account, and load your box up with samples. After you receive them, go back into your Pinchme account and take a short survey.

Smiley 360

Smiley 360– This one is simple. You do a few introductory surveys, and they will give you samples that match you. Once you receive and try your sample, you will just need to return to their site and review it. I have received toothpaste, floss picks, and chewy sweet tart ropes.

My Free Product Samples

My Free Product Samples– This website has tons of categories and pages with links of where to get free samples. This are anywhere from shampoo, depends, deodorant to tumblers and T-shirts.

Cigarette Companies

Cigarette Companies: Sign up for these companies sites, and watch your email and mailbox to know when to log in and score freebies. I have received some pretty cool swag from these guys….minus the 70’s style orange shag slippers that Black and Mild sent me for my birthday.
Black and Mild


Keurig– This is an AMAZING company. Go to their website and make an account. Any time they email you for a survey or anything, DO IT! I have been a member of their site for years, and have got multiple free things from them. I first received a free K-cup sample, and then a free cup. The most recent thing….A KEURIG! You heard right. They asked me to participate in a product research study, where they sent me a Keurig that isn’t even released yet. All I had to do was hook it up, connect it to internet, and install an app on my phone.

Sample Source

Sample Source– Quick surveys in exchange for free samples.

Free Baby Stuff

Everyone loves babies. Good thing for all of you soon to be moms out there. Here are some places you can score some baby freebies

Similac– Register and they will send you a high value gift package if it is your first time, after that, they will send you some pretty great coupons.
Enfamil– Register on their website and they will send you formula coupons
Gerber– Register at their website and they will send you coupons and sometimes some freebies. I received coupons, and a onesie!
Target– Create a baby registry and you can pick up a welcome baby box at guest services

Tips and Tricks

While most of this is pretty self explanatory, below are a few things I have learned that may help.

  • Create an email address just for surveys and free samples.
  • Don’t hurry through surveys, they can tell when you do, and you may not be selected for another
  • Answer honestly- They are looking for real people and real answers. This helps them put new products on the market and release things that people will actually like. No one likes to be lied to. If you don’t like something, let them know it. Your honest answers help keep companies from releasing crappy products, which helps keep you from buying crappy products.
  • NEVER pay for surveys- If they ask you to pay, they are not legit. Run away
  • NEVER give them your social security number, bank info, or credit card info. It isn’t TRULY free if you have to pay for it.

Have fun, and enjoy!

Scoring free crap in other places? Let us know below! I would love to hear new ways to get free stuff. Leave me a comment and let me know what free stuff you are earning from any of the places I have listed.

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