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Here we are again. Trying to plan a nice little family hike with our kids. I can guarantee that about 10 minutes into it, I am going to hear “I’m bored”.

Do you guys get that from your kids too?

I have had them pick up sticks….then I am left carrying them. I have them count steps or sing a song…but then you just have to listen to their mouths go a mile a minute the whole hike.

Here is my solution. Put them on a mission. Send them out to find something. Keep those little minds busy.

What you will need to take:

  • Get them a little draw bag to put some of their things in. They are light, and will keep you from having to carry their crap
  • Pen, pencil, crayon- something to write with
  • clipboard or stiff piece of cardboard, paper sized to write on
  • My Hiking Seek And Find Printable below!

That’s it! That is literally all you need!

Now. Lets go take that hike.

Hiking Seek And Find