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The Country Woman: Explained

She is the definition of determination
She is allot of things, but lazy isn’t one of them

This is the hardest worker you will ever know
She works hard, but plays harder
She has no give up
Her day starts at the asscrack of dawn, and doesn’t stop until the cows come home….literally

She can out-hunt, out-fish, out-drive, out-ride, all of yall…and look good doing it
And man, she can get dirty, but cleans up nice
She can sometimes be referred to as “One of the guys”

She is an old soul
The salt of the earth
One of a kind

If she keeps you around, it is because she wants you around
The country woman doesn’t NEED anyone, and that tends to scare people off

Once she lets you in, she will be the most genuine person you will ever know, but…don’t cross her
She has a fighting side
and will fight for what she loves, what she believes in
She loves with everything she has

This is the kind of girl you take home to mom
She can be wild, but she will settle down given the right kind of man
It takes a certain kind of man to tame her
This is the girl you marry
She won’t give up on you, she hasn’t given up on anything else
This girl will believe in you, even when you don’t believe in yourself
She will see it through

She is the girl you have kids with
From the animals she has helped birth, raise, and care for, to the neighbor kids she has babysat, to the brothers and sisters that look up to her, Nurturing runs in her blood
She will take care of you for the rest of her life

The Country woman is a real woman
Allot of women out there have country in their veins and don’t even know it
She is you…she is me

Where are all of my country girls at? If you are in need of a song that describes us perfectly, you need to go listen to Frank Foster- Good Ol’ Girl