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Stepdads: Dads that didn't have to be

Stepdads: Dads that didn’t have to be

To a child, a dad is so many things. Dad is the protector. The rough houser. Dads are the strong ones, and their big strong arms always make for the best bear hugs. They are the model of hard work and determination. Dad’s are teachers and boo boo kissers. Sometimes the discipliners. Kids need their dad’s.

For some, that dad, is a step dad.

Step dad’s are angels sent to us because God knows how important a dad is in a child’s life.

They call them “step” because they step up, when another man steps out.

Step dad’s are there to show us that It just takes a strong man to raise a kid, and an even stronger one to raise someone else’s.

A step dad wakes up every day choosing to put his kids needs ahead of his own, not letting the fact that they are not his blood, stand in his way.

Men like this are so rare, and so overlooked.

Being a father is such a huge job in itself, but to be a father to another man’s child? Epic.

Allot can be learned from a step dad

Love others as if they are your own flesh and blood, even when they are not.

Unconditional love, should truly be unconditional.

Step in, when others step out.

Show up, and don’t give up, even when the problem wasn’t yours to begin with.

Often men seem to worry when dating a woman with a child, who’s dad walked out. They worry about the child not accepting them. They worry that they are not enough. That they are not strong enough. They worry that they are unable to love a child that isn’t their own.

Stop that worrying.

If you love that babys mom, and you give that relationship your all. If you treat that kid like your own, and show it all the love in your heart. Then you ARE enough. That child is going to love you like their own, and you will love them like your own.

It is possible. It can happen.

I know this, because I am the product of it.

My stepdad came into my life when I was about 6 months old. My mom never even asked him to play a part in my life. When she told him about me, he instantly wanted to be part of my life. My mom wouldn’t let him meet me at first. He used to put diapers, wipes, and formula in her car while she was at work. Once she let him meet me, it was settled. That’s my dad. He is the only dad I have ever known, and I refuse to call him anything else. You can read my full story here.

The love of a step dad is something so special. This is a man that has no biological ties to you. This isn’t a man that has been “thrown” unexpectedly into fatherhood. This man had a choice. And he chose you. For that, comes a whole other level of love and respect.

Stepdads: Dads that didn’t have to be