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Oh, so you don’t just “bounce back” after having a baby? But wait, I see all of these moms on Facebook friggin’ 5 days post-pardum and wearing crop tops. What gives?

Well, not all of us have that awesome bounce-back after baby.

After my first, I bounced back pretty quickly. Almost a year after having her and I somehow ended up with a bit of pudge….Okay okay, not somehow. I just enjoy food. It wasn’t too bad, and I could wear most of my pre-baby clothes.

Fast forward to August 2018, 6 years after my first, and I was having my second little girl. I no longer had that pudge from the first, I had the jiggly loose fat, loose skin, mom belly. No matter what I put on, it just seemed to hang there. My pre-baby tops were not flattering. They all seemed to hug where I needed them to be loose.

I was on a mission to find some tops that hid my belly, without looking like I was still pregnant. There are allot of “flowy” tops out there that are just too much. I wanted to look cute, or even sexy again without throwing on a moo moo or wrapping myself in a freaking curtain (which I had thought about).

Here are the tops that I found through trial and error that are going to hide that mom belly, and get your confidence back!

Tops That Hide Mom Belly

1. X America V Neck Short Sleeve Junior and Plus Size T Shirts for Women w/Pocket, Made in USA

Tops That Hide Mom Belly

This one is number #1 on my list for a reason. This is my personal favorite. I bought this in ever color they have. This hangs sort of lost in front, and is fitted everywhere else. It is cute by itself, or layered with a cardigan or flannel. This shirt really just does it all.

2. Niashot Women’s Solid Color V Neck Casual T-Shirt Black S

Tops That Hide Mom Belly

This shirt hangs loose in the front and is available in many different colors and sizes. I think the criss cross at the top really adds to it. I have this one in black and white. It is cute by itself, but i also LOVE layering it with a flannel, that way you can button it up and still see the criss-cross at the top.

3. Juniors’ SO® Perfect Tee

Tops That Hide Mom Belly

I ran into these tops at Kohls. They were on sale for like $4 each so I bought 4 of them. These are also cute basics. You can never get enough basic sees that have this fit. You can do so much with them!

These are available in Vneck, Plus size Vneck, crew neck, and Plus size crew neck.

4. Uniboutique Womens Amazon Sexy Summer Cotton Short Sleeve O Solid Pockets Tunics T Shirts Tops Blouses Burgundy Small

Tops That Hide Mom Belly

Going into winter makes it a little easier to hide a mom belly. You have so many options with tunics, sweaters, and hoodies. These are actually a little lighter, so they are perfect for spring, Fall, and ever winter (if you are like me and get hot easily). They are that perfect cross between a tunic and your regular length shirt. They are also a cross between sweater material and t-shirt softness. These come in many different colors, and in long and short sleeve.

This shirt has an elastic band at the bottom. I use it to push the top up a little on my hips to create that little pocket to hide my belly. Best part is, IT STAYS IN PLACE!

5. Maurices 24/7 Collection

GUYYYYSSSS! Maurices 24/7 collection has so much to offer. All of their shirts in the collection are a soft, almost stretchy material. They all hang a little loose around the belly, and are just super comfortable. There are so many different tops to choose from, and they are always coming out with more. Plus, if you sign up on their site, using your email address, you will get great coupons and discounts.

So, there you have it. These are all in-expensive, and versatile. You don’t have to break the bank!