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Why Being Weird, Isn’t Weird

Was it you that I saw push that pull door? Are you the one I saw gansta rapping in your car while we were sitting in traffic? What about that guy selling used CDs out of a trench-coat, with nothing on underneath? Hey, I don’t judge.

I am the one that makes every conversation awkward. A guy at work the other day nodded at me and said ” Hello” and I was like “Good, thanks”….I also walk into doors trying to push them when they say pull.

The thing about being weird is, everyone else seems to know before you do.

Everyone has their own way of doing things. Their own style. Their own uniqueness. How freaking boring would it be if we were all the same?

When I was 18, I moved out on my own to a town about 30 miles away from my home town. On my way to my new house I stopped at a stop sign. While I was sitting there, I started looking around. I saw a house on the corner. There were about 8 people sitting there….all in Insane clown posse masks. I thought to myself “How strange” “what a bunch of weirdos”. But really, how weird was it? After all, there was more than one person dressed up. So to them, it wasn’t weird at all.

Thinking back now, that is actually pretty freaking awesome. I am not saying that you need to start calling yourself a juggalo and carrying around a hatchet. Find your own weird.

Isn’t that what everyone wants? Not to have to change who you are to fit in, but to find people like you. Your own king of weird.

I have always gravitated towards the outcast, the strange, the different. The people that the “popular” people shunned. Mainly because I never fit in to any other group. But you know something about us? We are real. Genuine. We are not out to be something we just simply are not, and, we are allot of fun.

When you stop fearing judgment of other people, you really allow yourself to open up and have fun. You start doing things that make you happy, regardless of what others think. Eventually, people will see that. And you will start attracting people that are your own kind of weird. And you can be weird together.

When I met my husband, I thought he was too much for me. He was always joking around. He was kind of awkward sometimes. One day, it hit me. I am pretty awkward. And I will laugh at just about anything. That man right there, is my kind of weird. We kind of fit together. That was 10 years ago. We have been together, play fighting, telling bad jokes, laughing at the dumbest shit, ever since.

The truth is, everyone is weird. Every single person is weird to at least one other person.

Weird just equals different.



Don’t try to hide it

That’s right. Run into that door and laugh at yourself with confidence. Like it was part of your act. “You like that?” ” I will be here all night” “For my next act I will trip over that rug on the way out like I didn’t freaking know it was there or something”. Try to start a conversation with me, I am just as awkward as I look.

Let your freak flag fly